Parenting the “Children in Christ”

Being a parent is an honor but also an awesome responsibility. We have this new life that knows absolutely nothing. We are responsible for this little creature that is completely helpless. The things we expose them to during their years in our home will shape their lives. The things that we say will plant themselves in the minds of these little ones. The actions we do will implant themselves as models of what is right and true. We can make or break their spirit to be a successful productive person in this world. The things we teach them can determine if they will make God a part of their life.

Not every person in this world becomes a parent in the way that we traditionally think of parenthood. However, we all have the opportunity to “parent” others. As followers of Christ we are around others who are newborns who don’t even know about Christ or “babies” in Christ, who have a long journey of learning before them. Some of the people we meet will have their very first exposure to Christ through us. We will be the parent model for what a Christian says and does. God may use us to inspire them to seek a life following him. We may be the steadying hand as they take their first stumbling steps on the path to God. Those children in Christ will be watching to see what we do in our daily lives and how we react to the different situations that assail us in this life. God can and will use the walk of “parent” Christians to guide those who are not so far in the journey of life.

This weekend our church will participate in the community VBS. We have the opportunity to share the story of God with the youth of our community. We also have the opportunity to reach out to the parents of these children who, themselves, may be little children spiritually. We need to love unconditionally, welcome nonjudgementally and serve devotedly. We need to prepare the hearts and minds of the children and their families so that God can plant his seeds. No matter the age of the “children in Christ” we should be prepared to let God use us to train them up in his ways.