Common Questions

You will find people wearing everything from jeans to their Sunday best.  Wear whatever you want, and come as you are!

Yes!  We would love it if you would bring your kids, young and old.  Crying babies aren’t distractions.  They are just doing what God created them to do.  You are more than welcome to keep them in the sanctuary, but we do offer a nursery if they need some time away.

Yes!  There is a wheelchair ramp in the front of the building.  We also have a spacious elevator if you need to go up or downstairs.

There are several places that you can park.  You can park on the street or in the lots to the west or north of our building.

In the United Methodist Church, we strongly believe in an open communion table.  What that means is that we believe that the table is God’s table, not ours.  Communion is an offering of God’s unending grace.  It’s not our job to decide who gets to come and who doesn’t.  That means that your kids are invited to partake, too.

Baptism is an exciting and important event in the life of a child of God.  It is something to be celebrated joyfully, yet taken seriously.  If you’re interested in being baptized or having your child baptized, please call our office and ask to speak to one of the pastors.

In order to become a member at our church, you should be able to profess your faith in Jesus Christ and commit to serving the church with your prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness.  We periodically offer new member classes.  Please call our office for more details.

We are located at 200 South Walnut Street in Taylorville, Illinois.  We are just southeast of the square.



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